Friday, April 8, 2011

Whistleblower Nets $4.5 Million Award From The I.R.S.

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Did you know that you could make alot of money by blowing the whistle on fraud or corruption?  According to various news reports, a Cincinnati accountant has just been awarded a whopping $4.5 million by the I.R.S. for his role in blowing the whistle on alleged tax cheating by a financial services company.
Whistleblowers have received awards in the past from various state and federal agencies, usually for reporting fraud in the healthcare or defense industries.  But this is reportedly the first case in which the Internal Revenue Service has made an award through its new I.R.S. Whistleblowers Office.
Of course, please don't get the incorrect impression that whistleblowing is easy, or that there are no negative consequences.  Sometimes, whistleblowers lose their jobs, their good names, and, in some cases, even their lives.  If you work in a situation in which you are aware of fraud or coruption, then I would recommend that you contact an attorney before blowing the whistle.  Not only can a lawyer advise you about your legal rights, but also about how to properly inform the authorities and how to handle a whistleblower's lawsuit, so that you will be in a position to potentially reap your just reward!

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