Thursday, May 13, 2010

Police Raids on the Wrong Houses: They've Done It Again!

They've done it again! News reports today indicate that federal drug agents and local police executed a search warrant at the wrong home in Polk County, Georgia!
Sadly, the home was occupied -- not by any drug dealers -- but by a totally innocent 76 year old woman, who has now reportedly been hospitalized after possibly suffering a heart attack.
The news reports do not clearly specify how the drug agents royally messed up this time. (And it should be emphasized that not all law enforcement agents are lazy and that they get it right most of the time). Sometimes, when these foul-ups do occur, the investigators have simply been too lazy to independently verify information obtained from snitches, including information about where the bad guys actually live.
As in the last post, based upon current news reports, this case appears to be another example of lazy police work. And sadly, as a result, an innocent 76 year old woman must suffer for it.

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