Thursday, April 15, 2010

National Tax Day: I.R.S. Agents Need A Hug, Too!

Today is April 15, 2010. It's the dreaded day when all taxpayers must file their income tax returns. Naturally, no one, especially today, loves the I.R.S.! Also, over the years, the I.R.S. has become notorious for zapping many American citizens. Many times, their actions have been justified, including the tax evasion prosecution of the infamous Chicago gangster, Al Capone. Other times, the agency has been criticized, especially when they have raided the homes of average citizens and taken little kids' piggy banks.

But can I tell you a secret? As a former federal prosecutor, I loved handling income tax evasion prosecutions! And I never lost a single tax case! Not only were the I.R.S. agents well trained, but also you should see the well organized case reports they put together for federal prosecutors! I.R.S. agents really know how to spoil federal prosecutors with great, slam dunk cases! And you also should know that most I.R.S. agents I worked with were good, decent folks, too!

So, even though this may be tax day, and even though no one likes the I.R.S., please just remember that many I.R.S. agents are good people and that sometimes they, like you and me, need a hug, too! But not when they take our kids' piggy banks!

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