Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Danielle Steel and How to Avoid Being a Crime Victim?

How many of you are fans of the books of popular romance novelist, Danielle Steel? According to Wikipedia, the prolific writer has sold over 580 million copies of her books!
But sadly, even famous writers, including Ms. Steel, like everyone else, can be crime victims, too. Have you read the news reports that her former long-time assistant has just been sentenced in a San Francisco federal court to serve 3 years in prison for reportedly embezzling nearly $1 million from Ms. Steel?
No one can really speculate about how this particular crime occurred. But, generally, in many cases, employee embezzlement can be difficult to prevent or detect. As a former federal prosecutor, I prosecuted a number of embezzlement cases that had gone undetected for years, until the perpetrator made a mistake.
Such cases generally prove you should always have checks and balances in place to help keep folks honest. And sadly, criminal cases like this one also suggest that you can never fully trust anyone any more. Don't you agree?

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