Wednesday, December 2, 2009

White Collar Crime Movies: A Civil Action

After several serious posts, let's have a little fun! We are introducing a new category: "White Collar Crime Movies." "A Civil Action" is the first movie we will discuss.
As outlined in Wikipedia, this movie is based upon a true story, (and book by the same name, by Jonathan Harr), about a lawyer's battle against a big company located in Woburn, Massachusetts. The company had allegedly committed environmental crimes and polluted the community's water supply, thus allegedly causing an alarming number of leukemia cases among local children.
The movie reveals the difficulties which plaintiffs' lawyers face in bringing class action lawsuits against big companies, along with the difficulties inherent in proving environmental crimes. The movie stars John Travolta and two of my favorite actors: Robert Duvall and William H. Macy. Although this is not a movie critic's blog, I would suggest you check out this movie!
Have any of you seen the movie? What did you think?

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  1. Would you believe that the judicial system in Mississippi used our claims to gain hundrens of millions of dollars of an eviromental crime. Held a class action trial which failed. And after all appeals for the class failed. The courts kept the awards and still disbursted the awards to the class as we were left to die. I've posted the doc's at mftms13.