Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beware of the Latest Scam!

Have you seen the news reports today about the latest telephone scam which targets the elderly? In this latest scam, the con artists, who often target the elderly, (as we have discussed before in this blog), will call and pretend to be a family member who has had an emergency. The con artists will then reportedly claim their credit cards don't work and urge the targeted victim to wire money to help them. Sadly, while this scam may succeed only a small percentage of the time, the con artists still hope to defraud a small number of victims out of thousands of dollars.
Here's hoping that these con artists will make a mistake by contacting a savvy elderly person who will contact the authorities and "make their day" by getting them locked up in time for Christmas!


  1. Great post, and since you do such an outstanding well written work these "heads up" type of posts I am sending it on to those in my address book and this post should be passed on to the children of those older people who do not use a computer.

    May I request that your thoughts legal and personal possibly be posted on the "email scams". I have had to report several over the past few weeks. Thank you so much for so many interesting and informative post. Happy Holidays.


  2. It's remarkable how my visiting a law-firm blog never fails to make me laugh! :)

    You certainly do have an admirable sense of humor! :)

    I want to wish you magic for your Holiday Season, for Christmastime, and for your New Year! May you have magic to go with you always!

    Thank you so much for your support and appreciation of my writings! I appreciate it greatly!


  3. Richard, these folks call my mom every day, she gets worried and then calls me. She is 83 and has dementia, these people have no clue when they call that all the calls are monitored.