Thursday, November 4, 2010

Criminal Law "Joke of the Day"

We criminal attorneys have been far too serious for far too long in this blog about white collar crime in Georgia! So...don't you agree that it is high time for a ..."joke of the day!?"
The story goes that two people, a priest and a criminal lawyer, had died and were approaching the Pearly Gates together. They each identified themselves to St. Peter, who agreed, in turn, to take them to their assigned Heavenly accomodations. He took the priest to a humble house, but then he showed the criminal attorney a beautiful mansion. The priest was flabbergasted! He asked St. Peter, "Tell me, why does this money-grubbing, underhanded criminal lawyer get to live in this mansion, while I, a priest, who has helped the poor and the sick, am assigned a humble house?"
"Well," replied St. Peter, "We get preachers and priests here all the time, but this is the first criminal lawyer we have ever had!" Have a great day!

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  1. I enjoyed that joke and I really couldn't predict the twist at the end. Lawyers do seem to get a lot of stick about not being religious or sometimes defending the guilty guy. Well, I believe there are lawyers and lawyers with a conscience (don't worry, i wont ask which one you are). I'm quite impressed by the variety of articles. Well done.