Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Senator Ted Stevens Reportedly Dies in Airplane Crash

Various news reports today indicate that Senator Ted Stevens, the former long-time Senator from Alaska, has died in an Alaskan airplane crash. Whether you liked or disliked his politics, you must admit that Stevens led a remarkable life. In addition to being the longest serving Republican Senator in U.S. history, Stevens had a number of other interesting aspects to his life and career.
For instance, Stevens reportedly had survived another airplane crash a number of years ago.
In addition, the former Senator had also survived a prosecution by the federal government for alleged violations of the Ethics in Government Act, based upon his failure to report some gifts. Even though he was convicted by a jury, Stevens' convictions were later thrown out, last year, following the discovery of serious prosecutorial misconduct by the government prosecutors in his federal criminal case.
As a former federal prosecutor, I also appreciated Senator Stevens, in part, because he was a champion of rights and benefits for government employees.
At this point, not many details have been released about the airplane crash. Again, no matter what your politics, hopefully, we can all send well wishes to Senator Stevens' family and to all the others who are a part of this tragedy.

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