Thursday, August 19, 2010

Roger Clemons: Grand Jury Leaks and Other Foul Balls

Do all of you know who Roger Clemons is? He is the seven time Cy Young award winning pitcher who won an amazing 354 baseball games. A lot has been written in recent years about whether various baseball stars, like Clemons, used steroids. But that is not the point of this post.
I'm sure we all would agree that it is a crying shame if baseball greats, such as Barry Bonds or Roger Clemons, used steroids in order to enhance their performances on the field.
And I'll bet we would also all agree that if, during his 2008 testimony before a Congressional committee, Roger Clemons lied about his having never used such substances, then that would be a crying shame, too.
But I hope we would also all agree that it is a crying shame that, today, the New York Times, and other news sources, are reporting that a federal graund jury has already indicted Clemons for perjury during his 2008 testimony.
Whether or not the report turns out to be true, it is outrageous, in my opinion, for there to be leaks from the government about what has already transpired before the grand jury!
And while I am still on the soap box, I have another "foul ball" I want to complain about, too! As a criminal defense lawyer in Augusta, Georgia, (and former federal prosecutor), I am still wondering about who made the decision, in the first place, for Mr. Clemons to testify without a grant of use immunity to protect him! While every situation is different, and while I admit I don't know all the facts in this situation, I can say that I would almost never allow my client to testify before a grand jury, or before Congress, without some sort of protection worked out in advamce!
What do you think about baseball stars who have used steroids, or about government leaks to the news media?

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