Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sad New Credit Card Fraud Case

Credit card fraud, (along with identity theft and fraud), is a serious problem in this country. For instance, credit card companies reportedly post over half a billion dollars in fraud losses each year.
But not all crimes are the same. Some credit card fraud cases are more eggregious than others and it's not always based upon the amount of loss. For example, have you read the news reports about a Pennsylvania couple who have been charged with stealing and using the credit/debit cards from a 40 year old woman who died in their home on their couch?
Of course, at this point, it is important to emphasize that the husband and wife are merely charged, and that no one has been convicted. However, according to police and news reports, the couple allegedly went through the poor dying woman's purse while emergency personnel attended to her. If proven true, then don't you agree that this case is disgusting!?
As a former career prosecutor, (and currently, as a criminal defense attorney), I never cease to be amazed, (and disappointed), at the levels to which some people will stoop. Stealing from dead people? How low can you go? Have you ever heard of similar cases involving thefts from deceased victims?

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  1. That's disgusting. People truly stoop down. I can't believe they were doing that when the Woman was dying. Oh God!
    I have never heard of anything such. I hate crime though. Always flip through pages in the Newspaper with Crime or Murder and even change channels on TV with violence.
    Have a good day...:)