Monday, January 25, 2010

Jury Duty and How To Get Out of Serving

Did you hear that President Obama actually received a summons for jury duty?! I don't believe he will have much trouble getting out of serving on a jury in Chicago! Do you?! But you and I aren't presidents. How would you and I get out of jury duty? What are some legitimate excuses or reasons for avoiding, or getting out of, jury duty in Georgia? (I do NOT recommend that you stand, in the courtroom, and announce, "I see dead people!" That may get you out of jury duty, but it might get you in a padded room, too!)
First of all, let me emphasize that, if you possibly can, you should simply go and serve as a potential juror. You will probably enjoy it! Also, as I have heard one judge describe it, jury duty is one of the important ways in which we all can do our civic duty.
Second, it is critically important that, even if you have a legitimate excuse, you must follow the instructions from the clerk of court, which came with your jury summons, concerning how and when you may seek to be excused from jury service. I cannot emphasize enough that if you fail to follow these instructions, and simply fail to show up, the judge will likely send a marshal for you!
Here are some of the excuses which may help you get out of jury duty:
1. You are 70 or over;
2. You are a full-time student;
3. You have a written doctor's excuse; and
4. You are active duty military.
These are examples of excuses which may help you get out of jury duty. But again, it is important that you submit your excuse to the court! After all, you and I aren't presidents with the ready excuse that we are defending the free world!


  1. you can also get out if you are nursing a baby, I know this from experience, i had to send in a copy of her birth certificate showing she was 4 months old, a legitimate age to be breastfeeding and boom, I was out of it :)

  2. That's an excellent point! Thanks for the visit and comment!

  3. One time when I reported for jury selection I was asked by the "defense" attorney how much credibility I put into police reports and police credibility in general. I answered that as an investigator myself I would obviously put greater weight on the statements of a police officer than a suspect in a crime. I was one the first jury candidate released by the defense attorney. ;o)

  4. Good article!! I always hated jury duty, but none of these reasons apply to me.