Sunday, November 15, 2009

This is a Sad Day for America: Giving the 9-11 Terrorists a New York "Show Trial" is a Colossal Mistake!

This is a sad day for America. In my opinion, the decision this week by Attorney General Eric Holder to give the masterminds of the 9-11 attack a "show trial" in New York City is a colossal mistake! Here are just a few of the reasons why I believe this decision will prove disastrous:
1. Military Tribunals Are Better Equipped For the 9-11 Terrorists:
Military tribunals are better equipped to handle cases involving terrorists, or prisoners of war. Put another way, these are terrorists, not criminals! They have committed acts of war, not mere crimes, against America! Therefore, in my opinion, bringing these terrorists to American soil for a civilian "show trial" has given them Constitutional rights and protections which they do not deserve and for which the civilian courts are ill-equipped. Just consider a few of the dire potential consequences. The 9-11 terrorists will all be given fine, experienced criminal defense attorneys who, no doubt, will not only be probing sensitive national security secrets, but also finding a way to get these terrorists off on criminal charges! But other problems abound. For example, whether or not you agreed with water boarding and other "enhanced interrogation" techniques, such techniques may mean any confessions will be thrown out at a civilian trial. As a result, just consider the terrible consequences if any of these terrorists beats the rap in civilian court and goes free!
2. The 9-11 Terrorists Also Do Not Deserve a "Show Trial:"
From the very beginning, the 9-11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, has reportedly requested to be returned to New York for such a trial. In short, the terrorists have desired, from the beginning, the public stage and forum which the Attorney General has now so graciously bestowed upon them. I will predict that, if the 9-11 terrorists have their way in this "show trial," they will make the O.J. Simpson debacle look like a minor traffic court case. But thanks to Mr. Holder, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will now have the world's stage on which to preach and proclaim his message of terrorism and hate against America.
In short, this is a sad day--a sad day for America and a sad day for the victims of 9-11. Tragically, our current leaders no longer recognize that we are at war. They have pushed the re-set button and, in their 9-10 eyes, the "war on terror" has been abandoned. Instead, our leaders mistakenly view the terrorists as accused criminals who should be coddled and given the same Constitutional rights as American citizens. Indeed, this is a sad day for America!


  1. Richar, how did I miss this the first time, indeed they deserve no stage, and even less.
    The administration has its own agenda here I believe.

  2. These animals should have been disposed of long ago during George Bush's watch ...