Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Goolsby Law Firm and Practicing Law With My Son

The above photo is one of my three sons--and current law partner. (I also have a wonderful daughter). As many of you know, The Goolsby Law Firm, LLC, is a father and son law practice.

My son and I practice law together in Augusta, Georgia. We primarily handle criminal defense, (both state and federal courts), and divorce cases, along with personal injury cases, and other general litigation. I also have a second son who is presently attending law school and a third son who also plans to attend law school when he graduates from the University of Georgia. (Only my wise daughter wants to become a teacher!) Eventually, we hope to be a true "family law firm" with a father and three sons practicing law together, here in Augusta, (and Martinez and Evans), Georgia. I am very proud of all four children! But I also face an interesting challenge! It involves working with family members.

Have any of you ever been in business with a family member? I am confident that you can understand that, while working with family members is a special thing, it also presents real challenges! As a dad, I must diplomatically juggle my "father hat" and my "partner hat!" In other words, I must show respect for my son's opinions and try not to foist my will upon him, simply because I am his father. Likewise, I am sure that my son must walk a tightrope, at times, between wanting respect from me for his opinions, as a partner, while, at the same time, recognizing that I AM his dad and have "been around" a while longer!

Yes, it is a challenge! But I enjoy this challenge and wouldn't trade it for any other! (And now, I must get back to work, so I can address the "other challenge" of building a law practice for myself and three hungry sons!)

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