Monday, January 28, 2013

Secret Service Nabs Alleged Counterfeiter

[Secret Service Badge Depiction from wikipedia]

Did you know that the U.S. Secret Service has an important law enforcement function besides just protecting the President and other federal officials? In short, Secret Service agents also have jurisdiction over investigations of various federal financial crimes, including counterfeiting of U.S. currency.

Just today, according to various news reports, including one by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a Woodstock, Georgia man, Heath Kellogg, was indicted in Atlanta, along with five other people, for allegedly counterfeiting $1.1 million in counterfeit fifty dollar bills. One unusual feature of this case, in addition to the huge amount, is the fact that this case involves fifties. Most counterfeiting cases involve printing fake twenties or hundred dollar bills.

As a former federal prosecutor, in Augusta, Georgia, (presently, I am an Augusta, GA criminal defense lawyer), I handled a large number of counterfeiting cases over the years for Secret Service agents. In fact, my first federal trial was a Secret Service case. Thankfully, I won it! Generally, I found Secret Service agents to be very professional and thorough in their investigations.

So, now, we have talked a little bit about the fine investigative work done in counterfeiting cases by the U.S. Secret Service. Now, if only we, as taxpayers, could get them to investigate the printing and wasting of our tax dollars by the federal government!

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