Friday, January 18, 2013

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Indicted on Bribery and Kickback Charges

[Photo of Former Mayor Ray Nagin from wikipedia]
Did you hear the news? According to various news reports, former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was reportedly indicted today by a federal grand jury for allegedly using his former office for private gain. 

According to the reports, the federal charges include, among other things, $160,000 in bribes to Nagin and truckloads of granite for his private business in exchange for allegedly giving millions of dollars in city contracts -- post Hurricane Katrina -- to certain "preferred" businessmen. 

As a former federal prosecutor, and, currently, as an Augusta, GA criminal defense lawyer, I have seen this type of "mutual back-scratching" deal occur over and over. The names may change, but the white collar crimes stay the same!

Of course, an indictment is not evidence and the former mayor will be entitled to his day in court. It will be interesting to see what happens! What do you think?

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