Saturday, August 11, 2012

Internet Fraud and a Letter to Good Old Igor

Sadly, we are all potential victims of fraud on the internet.  It is everywhere! And even though I am a former federal prosecutor for over 20 years, (and currently, a criminal defense lawyer with my sons in Augusta, Georgia), I receive unsolicited emails from con artists all the time!  Here is a sample which I just received at the Goolsby Law Firm:

Greetings of the day. My name is Igor Iv__, I represent Mr. Mikhail 
K., he is the former CEO of Y. Oil Company here in 
Russia. A briefing on Y. Oil Company can be checked via this link:
I have a very sensitive and confidential briefing from the top 
(Oligarch) to ask for your partnership in re-profiling some fund 
running into several millions of United States Dollars. This will be 
done in barges to ensure a smooth business venture. I suggest that 
this business deal be kept discreet as my client is not in favor of 
the current Russian government. See link for more details:
Note that this transaction is a Bank to Bank transaction and all 
documents backing this transaction will be sent to you for subsequent 
I look forward to your soonest and positive response.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all stop such phony email solicitations? Although I won't reply to "Igor," because it would probably just cause me to receive even more such emails, I wish I could send ole' Igor the following:

Dear Igor,
Greetings of the day to you, too.  However, please be advised that your pathetic, phony email solicitation has erroneously been sent by you to a former U.S. federal prosecutor who once enjoyed prosecuting con artists for ripping off innocent victims, and that I am still sick and tired of people who attempt to prey on others over the internet.
Accordingly, please be advised that your fraudulent email solicitation has been forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with INTERPOL, and that, if and when you are caught, you will face prosecution to the fullest extent of the law! So, please do not send me any more emails and please consider trying to make an honest living, before you are arrested!
No Regards,


  1. Love it!! Your reply was priceless. I am bombarded with unsolicited emails from con artists on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I was recently laid off and ever since I started job hunting the emails have gotten worse. The vultures on the internet are relentless.
    As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements, business opportunities, and product offers that are, quite frankly, appealing. After all, wouldn't you like to know how an individual can "earn money stuffing envelopes at home?"
    It seems like everywhere you turn that someone is trying to scam us out of our hard-earned cash.
    It is often difficult trying to weed out the legitimate offers from the scams and the rip-offs. Here are a few of the scams and rip-offs that I have come to recognize over the last few weeks as I have been earnestly searching for career securement. Since I am a mother of three boys most of my scams seem to be directed toward mothers, especially stay at home moms.
    Here are a few scams that have been coming to my emails regularly.
    Parents Beware
    1. Numerous Pyramid Marketing (Network Marketing) Schemes: The one thing they forget to tell you when they show you that person who is holding a check for $300,000.00 that he/she made in just nine months is they are one of a very microscopic minority. But they tell you: “Talk to a few people who talk to a few people” and before you know it, you’ve got an MLM Empire and you’re lying on a tropical beach sipping Pina Coladas! Real Network Marketing is a lot of blood, sweat and tears. There is a group of Network Markers that have an organization within themselves with sophisticated database management systems, lead capture pages and auto responders. These people go to different organizations and make it to the top over and over again. I guess this select group figured out how to make millions. Google them they are all over the internet with countless pages and different links.
    I AM NOT saying that all Network Marketing Companies are scams. There are some good Christian based companies out there. But Beware!!
    2. Envelope Stuffing
    3. Paid Online Surveys
    4. Paid Online Bloggers
    5. Child Modeling Scams
    6. Assemble Products at Home
    7. Invention Submission Companies
    8. Watch this 15 Minute Video and make $1500.00 TODAY!! (This was today’s)

    I thought I would put this out there. Your blog obviously hit home with me. While I believe that the internet is one of the best inventions ever made, it has also opened another new world of crime trade.
    Maybe we wouldn’t have a 16 trillion national debt if more people would try to find honest jobs instead of making a dishonest living scamming people on the internet.

  2. Heather,
    Thank you for visiting and for your excellent observations about fraud and the internet!