Thursday, January 12, 2012

White Collar Crime: Location Doesn't Matter!

[Photo of Sioux Falls, S.D. from wikipedia]
One of the common themes of this blog, (which is written by a former federal prosecutor and current Augusta, Georgia criminal defense lawyer), is that white collar crime can be found everywhere and in virtually every facet of our lives!  For example, today, I did a quick internet search of the State of South Dakota, (which is about as far away from Augusta, Georgia as one might need for this experiment!), on the topic of "fraud."  Would you guess that there might be fraud, and other white collar crime, even in South Dakota!?  The answer is "yes!"

One of the news reports which I found during this internet search involves a Sioux Falls, S.D. deputy sheriff.  According to the reports, the South Dakota deputy has recently entered a guilty plea to a charge of theft by deception.  The charge relates to an alleged fraudulent insurance application which appears to have no relationship to his duties as a law enforcement officer.

Of course, this simple exercise is not meant to demonstrate anything at all negative about the fine State of South Dakota!  Naturally, anyone searching the internet for "fraud" in Georgia, or in any other state, for that matter, would also quickly find plenty of examples! 

Again, the simple point is that fraud, (like other types of white collar crime), can be found everywhere and in just about every aspect of our lives.  But you already knew that, didn't you?


  1. As long as there are PEOPLE, there will be fraud of some kind. (even in politics...well, hubs says ESPECIALLY in politics. :)
    Thanks for your info.

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    just sayin' :)

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