Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Costs of White Collar Crime: The Case of the Stolen Prosthetic Legs

[Photo of prosthetic legs from wikipedia]
One of the themes of this blog is that white collar crime can be as costly, (or even more costly, in some cases), as violent, street crime.  As an example, consider the sad case of Amando Fontaine, a crime victim in Miami, Florida.  According to various news reports, Mr. Fontaine's car was stolen from outside his home earlier this week.  Motor vehicle theft is bad enough.  But this crime reportedly cost Mr. Fontaine more than just his car.

According to reports, Mr. Fontaine, an Army veteran, also lost his prosthetic legs and wheelchair mount, which were located inside the stolen car.  Now, Mr. Fontaine will reportedly have problems in keeping his doctor appointments and simple getting around otherwise, too.

Here's hoping that Mr. Fontaine's car will soon be recovered.  As you see, white collar crime can be very costly to its victims.

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  1. I saw this horrible tragedy on the news....Thank you for joining us at the Thursday Favorites Hop. Wishing you a happy weekend! xo