Saturday, December 10, 2011

A White (Collar Crime) Christmas

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If you want to get depressed, then try googling the words "Christmas theft" and see how many examples of Christmas greed you will find!  Everywhere, some people are stealing other peoples' gifts from their cars, decorations from their yards, and even money from their charity's donation kettles!  Sometimes, it seems that our dreams of a white Christmas have become overshadowed by nightmares involving white collar crime!

Maybe I am more alert to this problem, because I am an Augusta, Georgia criminal lawyer and former federal prosecutor.  But you already knew about this problem, too, didn't you?  I'll bet that you have read about or experienced this seasonal problem -- of theft and greed at Christmas -- in your own home town.

So, please be careful!  Lock away your shopping purchases in your car trunks.  And be more alert to those around you at the mall.  Look, Christmas is still a wonderful time of year.  Most folks still believe in peace and good will.  But be careful and don't let a grinch take away your Christmas from you!

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