Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fraud Against the Elderly: The Tire Repair Scam

As you know, I am a former federal prosecutor for over 20 years.  Presently, I am a criminal defense lawyer in Augusta, Georgia where I practice law with my son.  I have focused on handling white collar crime cases for much of my career as a Georgia attorney.

As we have often discussed in this blog, the elderly are frequently targeted by white collar criminals.  The number and types of scams appear to be endless!  I recently read about yet another fraudulent scheme focused on senior citizens which allegedly occurred in a nearby town.  Here is how it works:

The perpetrator drives around and looks for a potential target:  a senior citizen who is driving an automobile alone.  Then, the bad guy somehow gets the senior citizen's attention and gets them to pull over.  The bad guy then informs the elderly target that he has noticed something is wrong with the elderly target's tire.  Naturally, there really is nothing wrong with the tire.  The bad guy also offers to repair the tire for them.  Of course, the bad guy then demands an exhorbitant payment for supposedly fixing the tire.

In the case I recently read about, the bad guy was arrested and awaits trial.  Of course, no one disputes the fact that he is entitled to a fair trial.  But if a person is convicted of such a crime, then he should be thrown under the jailhouse!  Don't you agree?


  1. there are many bad people in this world, who target the young the old and most vulnerable, these criminals deserve much more than they ever get, why is it that criminals who, lets say do a crime for lots of money,with no one hurt, get much more than the filth who hurt the old and even worse children. I have no time for the so called law, even though we can't live without it.

  2. Money is one of the thing which made person to do crimes. I have studied most of the causes and i have found "money" one of the main causes of crimes. Glad to read your article which reveled truth of todays law.