Monday, March 28, 2011

The Next Great War: Over Girl Scout Cookies!

Have you heard about the next great war looming on the horizon?  No, it's not in the Middle East.  Instead, it might be in Hazlewood, Missouri.  And it might involve a girl's right to sell girl scout cookies in her own driveway!  As you may have read, Hazlewood officials are clamping down on two girl scouts (and their mother) who have been sellling girl scout cookies from a small stand in their driveway.  According to various news reports, an anonymous neighbor complained to city officials about the traffic and about the dogs barking at people who stopped to buy some cookies.  So, the city has sent a warning to the girls and their mother to cease and desist from further cookie sales, because it supposedly violates a city code against selling products from home.
A temporary truce has occurred in this case, because a good samaritan has reportedly bought out all the girls' cookies this year.  But the girls and their mother have indicated that they may continue their alleged "illicit cookie selling ring" next year!
What do you think about the city's actions in this case?  Personally, I believe the city's actions are outrageous!  In my opinion, the girls should be lauded, not castigated, for their charitable efforts.  Also, in my opinion, the Hazlewood officials should either modify their code, or modify their approach, about code enforcement in this case.  Hopefully, common sense will prevail and a truce declared in this looming cookie war.  And hopefully, next year, everyone in Hazlewood can openly buy some boxes of thin mints in peace!
What do you think?

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