Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Movies About White Collar Crime: The Firm

Let's start the new year right with another post about some of our favorite movies about white collar crime!  Today, I want to nominate, as one of my "best pictures of the year," the 1993 Tom Cruise film, The Firm.  In this Sydney Pollack-directed movie, Cruise plays a young lawyer, Mitch McDeere, who must choose between cooperating with the feds and staying loyal to his Memphis law firm, which is under investigation for laundering money for the mob.  Hopefully, as a criminal defense attorney in Augusta, Georgia, I will never be faced with such a conflict!  I suspect that most of you have seen this movie, but, if you haven't, I believe it would make a good Netflix or cable t.v. selection on a dull Friday night!
I would also recommend the John Grisham book, on which the movie is based, to any lovers of the true crime genre out there, (even though this book is obviously fiction).  Of all the Grisham books which were turned into movies, The Firm is my favorite.
Did you like this movie?  What are your favorite movies about white collar crime?

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