Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Goolsby "War Story:" My Favorite Witness

As a former state and federal prosecuting attorney, (and currently, as a criminal defense attorney), I have tried hundreds of jury trials and examined, or cross-examined, thousands of witnesses on the witness stand.  But if you asked me, of all my trials and witnesses, which witness was my favorite witness, it wouldn't take me two seconds to respond!
My favorite witness, bar none, was a very self-confident young woman who was an eyewitness to an aggravated assault case which I was prosecuting.  Identity was the primary issue at trial.  I needed a strong eyewitness to have any hope of victory.  And, as you will see, I certainly got one!
My eyewitness, Ms. Smith, took the stand, pointed the "guilty finger" at the defendant, and added the following:  "I'm sure he did it!  I love my kids, but I would stake their lives on my identification of that man!"
Boy, can you imagine how happy I was?!  I could have kissed her smack-dab on the lips after that testimony!  The jury promptly kissed off the defendant with a guilty verdict! 

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