Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Realistic Are Television Courtroom Dramas?

How about a change of pace today!? Let's talk about t.v. programs! In your opinion, are t.v. courtroom dramas realistic? And which program, in your opinion, comes the closest to reality, i.e. what criminal lawyers and criminal trials are really like?
Over the years, there have been countless law-related t.v. programs. When I was a little boy, growing up here in Georgia, Perry Mason, (Raymond Burr), was one of my role models. I also liked to watch actor E.G. Marshall, in "The Defenders." Looking back, the most unrealistic feature of these shows, in my opinion, was that the stars, including Mr. Mason, almost never lost a criminal case!
But what about more recent t.v. programs? Did you watch "The Practice," or "Law and Order?" Surely, everyone also liked the recent show, "Boston Legal!" Do you recall others? Which comes closest to the real deal? I believe "Law and Order" comes closest to reality. But, in my opinion, one of the most unrealistic features of each of these shows is that the trial lawyers, (on t.v.), can yell at, and talk back to, the trial judges!
Trust me, you wouldn't get away with that in a Georgia courtroom! Here, you would find yourself in a very real jail cell!

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