Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fraudulent Auto Injury Claims: Watch Out For That Other Guy!

Have you ever been driving down the road and it appears that the driver in front of you has slammed on his brakes simply to try to get you to hit him? Maybe there was a good reason for him to "stop short." But then again, maybe not.
As a former federal prosecutor, I prosecuted a number of defendants who engaged in the fraudulent practice of staging, or causing, automobile accidents. I will never forget one criminal case in which the despicable couple actually put their own baby in their car, while they drove around looking for other drivers to plow into them. They hoped to submit false injury claims for their baby, too, (whether he lived or died)!
Trust me, these are not isolated cases, either! For instance, according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, fraudulent auto injury claims added another $4.6 billion to $6.8 billion to auto injury claims submitted to insurance companies in 2007.
So, please be sure to "watch out for the other guy!" Not only are there unsafe drivers out there, but also some con artists on the prowl who want to sue you!

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