Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Laws and Old Truths

No doubt, all Georgians are hoping and praying that the current state General Assembly session will soon expire without any major damage being done to the people! But beware! According to the Daily Report, a bill has been introduced that would expand the numbers of judges on both Georgia appellate courts. In a double whammy, the proposed bill would also increase the court filing fee, for Georgians filing civil lawsuits, from the current $80.00 to $180.00.
In my opinion, this bill should die a merciless death before the legislative session ends! Why should we increase the numbers of judges when, according to a representative for the chief justice, the chief justice had not even requested the legislation, or any additional help! Moreover, the drastic increase in the court filing fees will continue to make it more and more difficult for the average Georgian to file a lawsuit!
So, let's hope that time runs out on this proposed bill, and others like it, so that the citizens of Georgia can breathe a little bit easier, (at least until the next session begins)!

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