Thursday, February 25, 2010

Madoff Aide Faces Fraud and Tax Charges

An old, chauvinistic saying goes: "Behind every good man is a woman." However, as to ponzi fraud king, Bernard Madoff, maybe this old saying should read, "Behind every bad criminal is accountant!"
Madoff's long-time assistant, and accountant, Daniel Bonventre, has reportedly been arrested and charged this week with federal securities fraud and tax charges. Bonventre is essentially accused of being Madoff's co-conspirator, or right-hand man, who allegedly helped his boss "cook the books" and move around all of Madoff's ill-gotten gain which had been fraudulently obtained from investors.
It remains unclear whether a "house will fall" on still other associates of Madoff. But this latest case reveals that the feds are still probing whether or not other Madoff associates are criminally culpable. It will be interesting to see what happens next in this fraud case of the century and who else may still be "behind" Madoff!

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  1. I love reading articles about Bernie Madoff. Great stuff!

    -Lanny B.