Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated!

A new article in the online journal, "Genetics," reveals that Israeli scientists have determined that DNA evidence can easily be fabricated! In other words, scientists were able to take a DNA sample from one person and fabricate it to resemble the DNA profile of another person. This new revelation has astounding implications for criminal cases!

Until now, it had been universally accepted that, because each person's DNA profile is unique, such evidence found on a victim or at a crime scene conclusively determined the identity of the bad guy. But now, everything is different! Now, it appears that DNA evidence is no different than any other evidence: a judge and jury must now more carefully determine whether or not someone has been framed by planted evidence!

Another important point to make is that no criminal case is "perfect" and that not everyone who is charged, or who appears guilty is, in fact, guilty! While DNA evidence, properly collected and analyzed, may still be good evidence, it is now clear that it is not "perfect" evidence!

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