Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About Us and About This Blog

The Goolsby Law Firm, LLC is a general practice law firm presently composed of two attorneys, a father and son: Richard H. Goolsby, Sr. and Richard H. Goolsby, Jr. We enjoy practicing law together and helping people in the Augusta, Georgia area at our law firm located at 4416 Columbia Road, Suite 100, Martinez, Georgia 30907. We offer FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS to anyone who has a question about criminal law. All you have to do is post your Georgia law-related question here, on this blog, or please also feel free to contact us at our law offices. Our telephone number for a free initial consultation is: (706) 863-5281.

Richard H. Goolsby, Sr. is a former career prosecuting attorney. I was a Georgia state prosecutor for a total of six years and a federal prosecutor, (Assistant U.S. Attorney), in Augusta, Georgia for over twenty years. I have more experience as a former federal prosecutor in trying federal white collar crime cases than any other attorney in Augusta, Georgia. During my twenty years as a federal prosecutor in Augusta, I received three Department of Justice awards for three of my the largest, most complex white collar criminal (fraud and public corruption) cases. I have also been fortunate to have successfully prosecuted some of the biggest white collar and public corruption criminal cases in the history of the State of Georgia. For example, I was the lead federal prosecutor in the recent successful federal prosecution of former Senator Charles Walker.

Now, I enjoy practicing criminal defense with my son at the Goolsby Law Firm, LLC. As criminal defense lawyers, we offer aggressive, experienced criminal defense for clients in major criminal cases throughout Georgia and in federal criminal cases throughout the United States. The Goolsby Law Firm, LLC. also regularly handles criminal cases, including fraud cases, income tax evasion cases, and all other types of criminal cases in all courts in Augusta, (Richmond County, Georgia), Martinez, Evans, (Columbia County, Georgia), and all other counties near Augusta, Georgia.

In this blog, we hope to bring you a number of interesting articles and information dealing with various aspects of criminal law, particularly including white collar criminal defense. Of course, the usual disclaimers appear elsewhere on this blog concerning the fact that no attorney-client privilege is created by your participation in this blog, or as to any opinions expressed herein. And it will also be explained that you should not rely on any opinions expressed, or anything else in this blog, in making any decisions about your own case or situation. Naturally, you should contact and retain an attorney of your own choosing in order to consult and obtain legal advice upon which you should rely. But we still hope to present here some interesting information about a fascinating area of criminal law. And we hope you enjoy this blog and come back often!

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