Monday, June 18, 2012

DOJ Strikes Out at Second Roger Clemens Trial

[Photo of Roger Clemens from wikipedia]
It appears that, following the not guilty verdict in the John Edwards trial, the Department of Justice has struck out yet again in another high profile criminal trial. This time, it is the Roger Clemens trial. 

Today, various news reports indicate that Clemens, the former professional baseball pitcher, has been found not guilty on all counts by a federal jury in Washington.  As you will recall, Clemens was charged with allegedly lying to Congress in 2008 about his alleged lack of steroid use while a pitcher. You may also recall that an earlier trial of Clemens, last year, ended in a mistrial, after government prosecutors offered inadmissible testimony.

Now, following two trials, and following the expenditure of millions in taxpayers' dollars, another high profile defendant has been acquitted.  As a former federal prosecutor, and, currently, as an Augusta, Georgia criminal defense lawyer, I don't know exactly where the government went wrong, but it surely is a shame to see such a waste of scarce tax dollars on criminal cases which probably should never have been brought in the first place! Don't you agree?

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