Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blago Goes To Prison: The Real "Reality Show"

[Photo of Rod Blagojevich from wikipedia]
[On the C.B.S. t.v. reality show Big Brother, when a contestant is eliminated from the competition, his or her photograph goes from color to black and white!]

Did you see the news reports about the final press conference of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich?  Yesterday, Blagojevich spoke to the news media and supporters one last time before he headed off, today, to report to a federal prison in Colorado.  Blagojevich will likely serve about twelve years of his fourteen year sentence, which he received last year following his convictions on multiple federal felony charges related to, as Blagojevich puts it, "political horse-trading."  In short, among other things, the former governor was convicted of attempting to sell the former Senate seat held by former Senator Obama.  Blagojevich is currently appealing.

But the appeals must wait.  Today, Blagojevich is headed to prison for a long time.  Although I am a former federal prosecutor, and although I have visited countless jails and prisons, fortunately, I have always gotten to go home after each brief visit.  But not the former governor.  He now faces having to adjust to a whole new lifestyle, including menial jobs, limited contact with family members, lousy food, and almost constant boredom. 

The former governor may now be scrubbing dishes or even toilets.

What do you believe would be the worst part of enduring a fourteen year prison sentence?  Of course, it is also very difficult for family members.  For Blagojevich, along with the usual difficulties, he may also miss the spotlight and holding press conferences.  What do you Blago's photo fades from color to black and white?


  1. I can't imagine losing your freedom. But our judicial system found him guilty.


  2. He did not deserve such a long sentence.