Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Higher Gas Prices Mean More Gas Thefts

[Photo of gas station from wikipedia]
Did you read the news reports about the gas thieves in Tampa, Florida?  According to reports, the thieves rigged a van with a special, extra large tank to hold the gas which they intended to steal from a Tampa service station.  Fortunately, they were stopped, but not before a lot the the gasoline spilled.

It appears that such scenes are a sign of the times.  As gas prices go up again, the problem of gas station drive-offs and other gas thefts will also undoubtedly increase.  What will gas thieves do if the price of gasoline reaches $5.00 per gallon, as some experts have recently predicted?

It's not just the gas stations which should be on alert!  In Augusta, Georgia, we have had a problem with gas thieves driving through neighborhoods and siphoning gas from parked cars!  I have even been a victim of this nefarious crime myself!

How about you?  Have you, or anyone you know, been a victim of gasoline theft?  Of course, as convenience stores and other service stations continue to become crime victims, then we all become victims, as the costs are passed on to consumers!


  1. Before we had a garage to put our vehicles in both my husband and I had gas stolen.Thank you for linking it to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky party xo

  2. Thank you for your visit and comment! Everyone should make a beeline to your fine site!

  3. I just try to drive less. An easier solution than stealing gas ;-)

  4. no i haven't been a victim...knock wood! i have to say though that these prices are just ridiculous!