Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Goolsby "War Story:" Some Vain White Collar Criminals I Have Prosecuted!

[Carly Simon and Song Depiction from wikipedia]
Surely, we all love the classic Carly Simon hit, "You're So Vain."  Over the years, as a former federal prosecutor for over 20 years, (and currently, as an Augusta, Georgia criminal defense lawyer), I have witnessed some vain criminal defendants!  Here are a few quick examples:

1.  I once prosecuted a nursing home bookkeeper who stole the patients' money so that she could feed her clothes-buying addiction.  She bought so many clothes that her husband had to build an extra room to hold them!

2.  I also once prosecuted a bank employee for embezzlement who was so vain that, when her daughter gave birth to a baby, the new grandmother allegedly broke off all ties with her daughter, (and new grandchild), so that her friends would not know that she was, in fact, old enough to have grandchildren!

Now, that's what I call vanity!  I'll bet you have met a few vain folks in the past, too!  

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