Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christopher Jeberk, The FBI Files, and America's Most Wanted

[Photo from wikipedia]
As a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, I primarily prosecuted white collar crime.  I was fortunate to have been able to prosecute some of the largest, most complex fraud and public corruption cases in Georgia history. 

However, one of my biggest cases as a former federal prosecutor had nothing to do with white collar crime. Instead, it was the high profile bank robbery, kidnapping, and escape case involving mastermind, Christopher Jeberk.  After kidnapping an Augusta bank teller, with two accomplices, and robbing her bank's vault, (while his two accomplices held her family hostage at her parents' home), Jeberk was later captured, but then escaped -- twice!  While on the lam, Jeberk and an accomplice committed a number of other bank robberies up along the eastern coast before his re-capture.  After his return to Augusta, I asked for, and Jeberk received, a sentence of life imprisonment.

This criminal case was featured on episodes of two popular television crime shows:  "America's Most Wanted" and "The F.B.I. Files."  I was interviewed for "The F.B.I. Files" episode.  Although that program has been cancelled, re-runs of this episode are frequently shown on the Discovery Channel.  You can also see it here on Youtube:  (There, you can also see what a Goolsby looks like!)



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