Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lessons From the Casey Anthony Verdict

[Photo from Wikipedia]
Just moments ago, a Florida jury announced its verdict of not guilty for Casey Anthony in the alleged murder of her two year old daughter, Casey.  As a former prosecutor and criminal lawyer for more than 30 years, I have learned, long ago, that you just never know, or can guess, what a jury will do.  Ms. Anthony was also found guilty of several counts of making false statements to law enforcement officers.  But again, she was acquitted on the most serious murder and manslaughter charges related to her daughter's tragic death.
What do you think about our jury system, or this case?


  1. Casey Anthony got away with murder. I'm ashamed of the jurors in this trial.
    Here's the sad part.. sociopath's don't feel guilt, so she's not sorry and never will be...
    When I heard the verdict I cried, then I thanked my parents for giving me a strong foundation, teaching me morals, and helping me understand the value of life.

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