Sunday, February 20, 2011

Parents of Amanda Knox Indicted For Libel

What do you think about the news reports from Italy, this week, indicating that Curt Knox and Edda Mellas, the parents of Amanda Knox, have been indicted by Italian authorities for criminal libel?  You will recall that Amanda Knox is the American teen who is currently appealing her murder conviction in Italy.  The new libel charge against the parents is reportedly based upon a June, 2008 interview of the parents by the Sunday Times of London.  During the interview, Curt Knox, the father, simply alleged that Italian police had been abusive in their interrogation of his daughter.  Yes, that's it!  That's all the parents supposedly did wrong!  Two parents are now essentially accused of a crime simply for making statements critical of the authorities while publicly defending their daughter!
Again, what do you think about these charges?  On second thought, perhaps you should refrain from making any comments which could be construed as being critical of the Italian authorities!  After all, no one wants to get indicted simply for expressing an opinion!  I am just happy that, in the United States, the First Amendment to our Constitution protects freedom of speech, including the right of all parents to criticize our government!   
What is your opinion?


  1. it's totally absurd! It seems they can get upto 3 years for it. I don't understan dit, there daughter was the one who told them these things, so if anyone should be charged with slander, which in my opinion nobody should, it'd be her. It's all just ludicrous to me.

  2. Great points! Thanks for the visit!