Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grave Robbers and the Depravity of Some White Collar Criminals

For most good people, the Christmas season is a time of good cheer and "good will toward men."  But not for everyone.  Have you heard about the thieves who have reportedly stolen 500 bronze urns from graves in a Stone Mountain, Georgia cemetary?  How low can some people go!?  Hopefully, these morally depraved grave robbers will be caught and punished.  And hopefully, the good Lord has reserved an especially hot place in Hades for grave robbers!
This white collar crime illustrates that nothing, including churches and cemetaries, is safe or sacred any more.  Don't you agree?  As you will recall, even churches have often been targeted, in recent years, by arsonists.  And I have read recently that even some Salvation Army kettles have been targets of thieves this holiday season.  Have you heard of such crimes occurring in your community?
But hopefully, all hope is not lost!  While these horrible crimes are occurring, at the same time, you can read about reports of "Secret Santas" dropping large sums in kettles, along with countless other illustrations of kindness and good deeds also occurring "out there" during this holiday season!  Maybe you and your family members have found ways to help others in need, too!  So, for most of us, hopefully, this still remains a time of peace and good will toward others!     

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