Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Healthcare Fraud: The Bogus Mammogram Scam

As a criminal defense lawyer in Augusta, Georgia, naturally, when I talk about pending criminal cases around the country, I probably should first emphasize that each defendant is entitled to a presumption of innocence, unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. After all, that is what our Constitution provides! And besides, we all know that we cannot believe everything we read in the newspapers, don't we!?
But laying all caveats aside, have you heard about the new criminal case in Perry, Georgia in which a former hospital employee is accused of submitting false mammogram test results? In other words, according to news reports, in over 1289 cases, women were falsely told that doctors had read their mammogram scans; whereas, they actually had never seen them! Sadly, according to reports, false test results were allegedly submitted by the defendant for ten women who were later re-tested and learned they actually had breast cancer. Isn't this a horrible crime!?
Don't you agree that white collar crime, or "crime in the suites," can be even more costly than "crime in the streets!?"

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  1. This is despicable. As a woman who gets yearly mammograms, I can tell you that I always go with much trepidation. It is a painful procedure, but the worst part is the anxiety as you await your results. For these women to have been subjected to such damage, physically and emotionally, is beyond the pale.